Friday, August 19, 2011


Recently, I purchased a vacant lot in ChristChurch. Excuse me, don't think that I am rich, 90% of the payment was from Westpac. I only managed paid 10% of the payment, which already made me felt very miserable as a Malaysian. Why? NZD 1.00= MYR2.51 was the reason behind my feeling. Furthermore my existing house in Kuching could only manage to change for that piece of empty lot in ChristChurch of around 11 points.

Anyway, it is cheaper to build my own house than buying an existing old house, furthermore it is not easy to buy a house that suit my requirement, near to school and most of all - affoldable. Die die also I signed the S&P, lucky enough, Westpac will to loan me some money. From now onward, I will have to live on Mee Maggi, hopeful still can afford to add an egg and some vegetable.

I have engaged a builder to look into the construction work through Design and Build basis. I have basically going through my basic requirement with the builder, endorsed the floor plan and now the builder is working on the construction drawing to be submitted to the Developer (company selling me the land) for approval. I paid for the land, yet I can't simply build a house that I like. They still need to ensure that I landscaped my garden nicely as a landscape proposal is required for my development approval as well. Haiz.

Hopefully, I can get all this done up soon. My children will be going to ChristChurch for their study early next year, and they will have their own house to stay. Meanwhile, have to beg Westpac for more money to fund the construction work.


Ernest said...

good... so now got place for me to stay in ChCh... LOL....

Chong C.B said...

Once complted you are welcome... Prof